Tuesday, June 03, 2008

outrageous and hypocritical

But what else do we expect from this government?

Private schools were urged today to stop building state of the art theatres or sports facilities and to spend their funds on bursaries for poor children instead.
New laws mean independent schools will have to prove they operate for "the public benefit" if they are to retain their charitable tax breaks collectively worth £100 million per year.
Fee-paying parents need to be told that facilities do not exist simply for the benefit of "their little Johnny", a legal expert warned the Independent Schools Council annual conference.

So parents who spend money on private schools because the other schools are so shocking, and I speak from experience here, now have to pay twice over for other kids to go to private schools even though they already pay for state education in their taxes.

Why? Because of this fucking hateful bastard cunt of a government. The people who, because of their hatred of anyone doing well, decided to slash the assisted places scheme in 1997. The assisted places scheme which helped poor people go to private schools and escape the misery of the failing state system where 1/4 children aged 11 cannot read and write, whose playing fields are being sold off and who are being let down utterly.


DJ said...

3 times surely ? Once with the taxes for state education, once for private education and once more for the moochers from St Chav's Comp ?

thenapking said...

I agree that it's a pretty weak move from a government who pledged to remove the charitable status of public schools and colleges, but bottled it.
Parents won't be paying "twice over" unless private schools decide to further raise their fees, which the government can't be culpable for. The assisted places scheme was removed because it did nothing to help "the poor", as the vast majority of places were taken up by middle class parents who simply couldn't afford the fees. Money is better spent on pre-school & primary education in deprived areas.
Lastly, could you verify your claim that 25% of children aged 11 cannot read or write properly? Are you claiming that 25% of 11 year olds get less than Level 3 on their SATs?