Thursday, June 05, 2008

News has it that Giles "catch me if you can" Chichester has been given 48 hours to justify his expenses. Which you may say makes Cameron look tough, except that firstly in 2006 he called for 'Independent' inquiries into potential breaches of the ministerial code

In his submissions to the Democracy Task Force, Mr Cameron suggested a "genuinely independent mechanism" should be created to establish whether rules have been broken by ministers.

And as such, why is CCHQ then deciding if Chichester has behaved badly?

Only an hour ago, I heard from a friend of Mr C that he had until 16h00 Brussels time to state his case or else resign from leading the Tories and also have the whip withdrawn. So this may well be an extension by Mr Cameron which isn't all that tough.

I myself don't like Chichester. He called UKIP MEP Graham Booth a racist in the Western Morning News, then when questioned about it said "that's politics, dear chap" and proceeded to call him a racist two weeks later. He's also the man who said he'd saved the crown mark on pints when in fact he got rid of it.

The News of the World have been doing features on these MEP expenses and I"m glad to say that they couldn't find a UKIP MEP breaking the rules or going on jollies at the expense of the tax payer, for the simple reason that they have a chartered accountant in charge of their money to make sure they don't break the rules. UKIP national treasurer is also Marta Andreasen who has quite a reputation for speaking out when she sees the rules being broken.

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