Sunday, June 15, 2008


I'm banning anonymous comments because I'm sick of pro EU twats writing factually inaccurate shite all over the blog. Don't like it, fuck off. Don't sit there writing really, really boring, pedantic, incorrect rubbish. It just makes me angry and despair for the human race and I can't afford the wrinkles. I can afford botox but apparently it leaks into the brain. I wonder how smooth the faces of these guys are?

I like some of my anon contributors but they're not anonymous to me so sorry to those and get a google account.

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Chris Palmer said...

It's a pity you removed anon comments. There are always idiots out there, you just have to rise above them.

It took me five whole minutes to sign up for a google account just so I could comment on your blog!

Happy now?!