Thursday, June 19, 2008

It may as well be true....

Scandal hit the European Summit today as the European Council decided to replay the quarter finals.

Germany and Portugal have both tried to resurrect the failed EU Constitution, but success went to Portugal with the inevitable ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

But Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates said he was unhappy with the failure of his football team to confirm their victory over Germans and the Berlin Declaration.

"It is not acceptable that the German team beat the Portuguese team fairly and squarely" said a spokesman today.

"Portugal have shown that we are the leaders in pushing the EU forward and consequently the match should be replayed until we get the correct result.

"Clearly, the players were not aware of the rules, or were making a point in losing this match which has nothing to do with football.

"I will remind them of why we are in Euro 2008 so next time they go on the pitch they play with the right aim in mind."

Jose Manuel Barosso and Hans Gert Poettering have registered their support with the Portuguese and said that the Portuguese football team "must have been mistaken."

"No doubt they were thinking they were playing the wickedly eurosceptic game of cricket instead" said Mr Barosso.


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