Monday, June 23, 2008

The NO vote in Ireland has brought all those who run on bile and vitriol instead of oxygen out of the woodwork.

Take this one:

The Worst Thing about voting NO to Lisbon

Is that you find yourself effectively ‘on the same side’ as these wankers.

The above owners of incredibly punchable faces are all members of the United Kingdom Independence Party. Because of them, I very nearly voted ‘Yes’. They don’t just have a few legitimate issues with some aspects of the Lisbon Treaty. In fact, they probably know even less about it than Charlie McCreevy does. As far as UKIP are concerned, EU membership means that bananas will be straightened, yoghurt will be banned, and we’ll all have to speak le Deutsch, like they do in Holland and the Netherlands.

They want Britain to be free from the shackles of the unelected Brussels beaurocrats, and have full control of its own destiny. They want Northern Ireland to be freed from the shackles of its own elected Assembly, and not have any control of its own destiny. They hate immigrants. They aren’t too keen on Muslims. They want to bring back the death penalty. In short, they’re a bunch of right-wing, xenophobic cranks, a bit like a hosed-down National Front.

The one undeniably bad thing about our rejection of the Lisbon Treaty is that it makes these people happy. If the government really wanted us to vote ‘Yes’, their posters should have simply consisted of the face of the UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, and a short caption…

Vote ‘Yes’ or this twunt will be happy

I sent this to Godfrey Bloom who was pictured and he replied to twat:

Ho! Ho! Well I'm 58 now but if anyone fancies a go I still work out and I still have my gloves from my Army days!
As to xenophobes, well Nigel Farage is married to a German, I am married to a Pole, Gerrard is married to a Philipino and we have a muslim standing for Euro MEP in the forthcoming elections. So pretty well wrong on all counts.

As to bananas, call me a wanker to my face and see where I'll shove one.

The democratic NO, based on fact not fiction and completely devoid of bullying, lies and collision (yes, there was because I have the copy of the e-mail to prove it) has brought them all out of the woodwork. Nasty pieces of work like Brian Cowley and Avril Doyle who have spent their time attacking UKIP for their failure to convince the Irish people of their lies and who have resorted to defamation afterwards.

I think you may have overstepped the mark there, you guys.


DJ said...

Well that's the thing init ?

Leftists keep yammering about how supa-smart they are, but where's it parked ? Why should some Greek guy in Brussels decide how rubbish should be collected in Anglesey ? Don't ask them, they're too busy working through another Tourettes episode.

Travis Bickle said...

The biggest, and most insulting, lie about this debate is the way anyone who has, justifiable, deep misgivings about the EU is labelled as being anti European. (even xenophobic)

I love Europe, but hate the way the EU wiis heading, and would rather turn it around and state that anyone who truly cares about having a democratic and peaceful Europe in 25 years time should be doing everything in their power to stop 490 million being marched into this superstate without being the chance to have a proper say.

Letters From A Tory said...

The annoying thing is that I agree with everything Nigel Farage has been saying recently, even though I really don't like UKIP as a party.

He is standing up for basic democratic principles and that commands respect in my eyes.