Friday, June 06, 2008

Irish results

News reaches me that the powers that be in the European Parliament are rather concerned about the forthcoming Irish result. Not only the result which look to be a 'NO' but the actions which will be taken afterwards. They have been put on notice that a request for a debate on the results of the Irish vote which, of course, will be voted down in the conference of presidents. Even if some British Conservatives and other assorted MEPs want a vote, the request by UKIP leader Nigel Farage will be ignored by Martin Schultz and Joseph Daul who vote for the Tory and Labour party. As he said, 'It's like a 1970's trade union meeting without the cups of tea.'

However, if they debate is refused, if they try to ignore an Irish 'NO' as they voted to do in the debate on the Lisbon Treaty in Strasbourg then who knows what will happen. No doubt the huissiers will be violent and find the nearest female member of staff to attack; the federalists will start comparing people who want free and fair debate and the results of legitimate referendums to be respected to Adolf Hitler. They will then sit in their secret meetings and work out the next question they can ask the Irish to make sure they get a 'YES' vote.

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