Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well, the last chance for a referendum has been and gone and I was astonished that so many of the people making statements did not have a full grasp of the facts.

Lord Macleenan of Rogard thought that democracy was self indulgent navel gazing. Lord Britten, who failed to mention his EU pension, thought that the public were too stupid to understand the question, a thought shared by the government spokesman on this, Baroness Ashton of Upholland.
Lord Tomlinson, grotesquely fat, ignorant and unpleasant has turned into more of a hate figure for me than even Lord Kinnock. Actually no, having had drinks with Mrs Andreasen, on Tuesday they are equal.

My 'I can't believe anyone would say something that stupid' last night was awarded to the Archbishop of York who acted more like the Catholics his Church was set up in opposition to. His speech was riddled with mistakes and his pathetic attempt at humour over statements which were wholly inaccurate almost made it impossible for me to stay and listen. Anyone who sits in the House of Lords and doesn't yet realise that it is not the supreme court in the country is undeserving of a position to influence legislation.

Finally, if you ask whether the Queen will still be supreme in Parliament under the new treaty, will the answer be yes?

Noble Lords: Yes.

The Archbishop of York: My Lords, will this Parliament still be the highest court in the land?

Noble Lords: Yes.

The Archbishop of York: My Lords, will foreign policy, defence policy and law and order still be governed by this country?

Noble Lords: Yes.

The Archbishop of York: Then why, my Lords, are we making this fuss?

We are making this fuss because you are fundamentally inaccurate. But this capped it off:
The problem is that if there is a referendum now, being one of the Lords Spiritual in this House, I no longer have a vote, so I ask not to be deprived of what I had lost in Uganda.

Get that? The Archbishop of York voted against a referendum because he wouldn't be allowed a vote in it.

Am glad I am Atheist.

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