Friday, June 06, 2008

Members Elected to make Profits

How could Chichester have not known that the rules on MEPs not being their own paying agents had changed? The system was open to fraud and it's something UKIP complained about from 1999 and to be fair to them, they changed. Each MEP was given a copy of the new rules and so it is laughable that the man tasked by Cameron to clean up his MEP expenses did not know this.

Now he has resigned from his job, but not his seat, he will have the time to try to make his books look respectable, which they allegedly need. But he broke the rules and ignorance is not an excuse. Of course, the EP rules are such that whilst they break moral and ethical codes, they do allow MEPs to do things with their funds which no normal person would think acceptable.

He makes Tom Wise and Derek Conway look like amateurs, but he's overshadowed by Den Dover who has the effrontery to go on the news and say that his paying his wife and daughter large sums of tax payers money is acceptable. We already know this is the man who must have hired Michael Jackson's lawyers, or have a father who is a judge but really. His nickname is 'Ryan Air Den' and his own Tory colleagues say that he is on every freebie going. It was alleged that he had said that he's made a million whilst being an MEP and that he 'prefers being an MEP to an MP because they expenses are so much better.'

Oh yes, this is just the sort of man you want to be protecting the UK from the sleaze and corruption of the EU.

So top three in the north west now:
1)Sir Robert Atkins, paying his pensioner wife who already had a few other jobs a considerable salary and told the news of the world that their readers 'wouldn't possibly be able to understand' because it's so complicated, who I hear then decided to sue them.
2) Ryan Air Den and
3) a former Lib Dem.

hmmm. Lucky North West Tory voters.

I notice the Telegraph shoved the story in 'world news' in their paper and got the figure under discussion wrong. What's a small £300,000 between friends, though?
They do have a wonderful Brussels correspondent, though.


Prodicus said...

They used to have an even better one but I believe he got disillusioned and went home. I wonder what he's doing now? Ah yes, I remember. Cleaning up another cesspit.

Trixy said...

Which one that be? Not the guy with all the dildos?