Thursday, June 26, 2008

doors are just no fun anymore

Journey out of house and to work rather dull and uneventful as door opened no problem and was able to walk down stairs to ground floor. Walked past scaffolding I negotiated yesterday and did feel a small urge to scamper up and down it again.

There is some scaffolding on the front of a house down the road from where I am now...I'm sure they would mind very much if I had a play because there are all sorts of health and safety requirements I would need to fullfil first, like not wearing girly shoes, a dress based on a wedgewood plate and perhaps a hard hat.

I wonder how many EU rules I broke yesterday. Lots, I hope. No doubt the elf n' safety morons would rather I was locked in Kichen Towers all of yesterday as I hadn't done the required course to escape any other way.

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