Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This is not a democracy

I have, once again, been thrown out of the hemicycle because I am a girl who is not pro the EU.

I had the pass to get in there, I was sitting quietly at my seat, camera in a bag when a Huissier came across and told me to get out. He put his hand over my lense and told me I wasn't allowed in the chamber. I ignored him because I don't like to be bullied by fascists. He carried on trying to tell me that I was not allowed in there and then tried to break my camera. I was filming him saying this. Then he grabbed me and made me move. As I walked off I told him that this was supposed to be a democracy.

He tried to stop me going to the MEPs who had asked me to be in there and forcibly tried to stop me. I pushed past him and gave my camera to Nigel Farage. He then stood on my pashmina to stop me going anywhere, but I tugged it from under he cheap, plastic unpolished shoes. As he frogmarched me out, he stole the badge which belongs to the group. I asked him one again, how is this a democracy. He said it is, which is why I can throw you out. To which I replied, Dictatorship might start with a D but that's where the similarity ends. Then I asked for the bully's name. He asked what mine was, so I told him. He then refused to tell me his. His colleague came along and said, you don't have a hemicycle badge so you have to get out. I asked for the badge back, but they denied knowing anything about it.

So I have been listening to the speeches made on the computer in my office. I am, not surprised by what they said, they are EU nationalists who will stop at nothing. Some of them even had the audacity to say that one of our Irish MEPs did not represent the people of Ireland because she campaigned on the NO side.

Now, can anyone tell me why Labour, the Lib Dems, the Tories and the Greens want to be part of this organisation? An organisation which bends its own rules, which states that the voice of the few people who were allowed a referendum should be ignored?

This is the third time in four years I have been bullied and pushed around by Parliament security, who are authorised to do so by the President of the Parliament.

No, we can't just ignore them as we have been ignored. We have to leave the EU. You can't reform it, it doesn't want to be reformed. Did Stalinist Russia want to be reformed? No.

Wake up.


The Great Simpleton said...

Appalling, and another reminder of my greatest regret - voting yes in 1975

(I have copied the post, with links, )

Trixy said...

I have never had a vote, except voting UKIP.

haddock said...

None of us have had a vote for the EU, even in 1975, it was then a common market.

The Great Simpleton said...

I suspect it will be a very cold day in hell when we get another referendum on the Eu

Hookers & Gin said...

Such an assault warrents the use of mace. Be prepared.

The Great Simpleton said...


or even the use of the mace

"Michael Heseltine famously seized the mace after a particularly heated debate in 1976. "

The Great Simpleton said...


Fair point, but a no then wouldn't have led to the mess we are in

Chris Palmer said...

Haddock, in 1975 the EU was the EEC and was the building block of political union. Politicians such as Ted Heath knew this to be the case. Those that voted in the EEC membership referendum were lied to about the true intentions

I'm sorry to hear about your problems with the EU Parliament security, Trixy. Unfortunately I do not suppose that there is much you can do about it for the moment. You are of course right though; why would anyone in this country wish to be a member of such an anti-democratic union? The sooner we leave, the better.