Monday, March 05, 2007

The Two-Faced Tories

Following up from a post on The Englishman's castle, I thought I would just make a little point about the tantrums by the Tory party over not having the crown logo on pint glasses anymore.

The relevant article from Directive 2004/22/EC says:

Article 1


This Directive applies to the devices and systems with a measuring function defined in the instrument-specific annexes concerning water meters (MI-001), gas meters and volume conversion devices (MI-002), active electrical energy meters (MI-003), heat meters (MI-004), measuring systems for continuous and dynamic measurement of quantities of liquids other then water (MI-005), automatic weighing instruments (MI-006), taximeters (MI-007), material measures (MI-008), dimensional measuring instruments (MI-009) and exhaust gas analysers (MI-010).


Even more interesting is that the chap who wrote the European Parliament report on the Commission Directive, which resulted in the written question to HMG by the Tories and the subsequent outrage was...

A Tory!

His e-mail address is and his office phone is 0032 228 45296.

You can ask him all about it yourself, then....

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