Sunday, March 11, 2007

Biased media?

An e-mail from my father reminded me of a story I had been told a few weeks ago (but had to keep quiet about). The Speakout campaign is a non party aligned organisation who want people to know the truth about the EU.

One of their methods of highlighting the truth is through advertising in national newspapers. Now it is on their website I feel at liberty to be able to say which paper surprised me the most in their banning of an advert which did not seek to sell anything, or to mislead, but just to inform people.

The Daily Mail refused to take an advert from Speak Out. Why?

Well, I guess it's because it's rather awkward for organisations and companies who are still supporting the Conservative Party, and who feature stories about how uncontrolled immgiration is not good for our country, to then have an advert in their paper highlighting that these two features are entirely at odds with each other...

*by the way, the link from the Daily Mail was one of 2288 I could have linked to, just by typing in 'immigration'. So they write about it a fair amount, then...

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