Saturday, March 24, 2007

Stupid internet police

Am typing this from a hotel in Berlin, which is why the post might bit accidentally littered with ß, ä ö ü and zs instead of ys.

Anyway, computer has some kind of filter on it for websites. Went to the kitchen and it would not let me look at it because it contained the word fucker. (I would put that in quotation marks but I cant find them, or apostophes.) Well, okay. Kitchen is a bit sweary.

So I thought I would have a look at shoes. But that wasnt allowed either. The reason? Because I had written a post on genital mutilation.

This is happening to children probably younger than the ones they are trying to protect, so why dont they allow people to know what is going on? Censorship like that is the worst kind....

Anyway, Auf Wiedersehen. Im off to gatecrash a birthday party.


Chip Dale said...

It's a bit odd that it wouldn't let you see that word. I thought it was a type of World War 2 German plane.

Trixy said...

and it still flies out of city airport.