Saturday, March 17, 2007

I hate social engineering

I thought that I would be immune to the dire, damaging and downright dangerous policies of this government, but when I heard about the latest plans for higher education I was once again very angry.

Top universities are in revolt at controversial plans to force students to reveal how well-educated their parents are and what jobs they do.

For the first time sixth-formers will be asked detailed questions about their parents amid fears middle-class pupils may lose out to youngsters from more deprived backgrounds despite having better qualifications.

Can someone please tell me where is the incentive for 'middle class' children to study hard at school if, desite, whatever what grades they get, some kid whose parents don't earn as much, or didn't go to university, can leapfrog them in the race for a place at a good university?

Children cannot help who their parents are. So why are they being disadvantaged by this corrupt, venal government because their parents went to university, worked hard and perhaps, just perhaps, sacrificed new cars and foreign holidays to put their children through private school because successive UK governments have completely bankrupted our education system?
The move was condemned as "social engineering" and now eight leading universities - including Oxford and Cambridge - have said they will boycott the scheme.

Admissions tutors insisted they would admit pupils on academic merit, whether or not they were the children of graduates.

Well done those universities. But doesn't it rather say something, that these universities famed the world over for their academic excellence are rejecting this direct social engineering from the government because they don't want to be outlets of the DfES. They want to remain at the top of their game by taking in the brightest and best, and so they should.

It makes me sick that the government could do something so obviously geared to get the left back supporting them regardless of how much damage it actually causes. Sorry for Trident, but hey! You're child isn't that bright, but we'll fuck up the system so they can go to university and that should keep you happy.

Their ethnic group will also be passed on to admissions departments for the first time.

WHY? If people are selected to go to university on the basis of the colour of their skin, then that strikes me as being racist. And therefore, surely, illegal under the EU discrimination employment laws? Although I guess as long as they're not white, then that's okay.

I hate these people. Who the fuck do they think they are?