Monday, March 26, 2007

Eurosceptic Tories?

I was rather interested to see this comment on the BBC website:

Europe is a great ideal for The Continent. We should be proud to have a close relationship with it. If we want to be in it then we should come up with a full proposal as to how it should be formed and what the constitution should be for a world class business and political entity. More action and less talk, please.
Guy Stacpoole, Petersfield, Hampshire, England.

Mainly because the chap in question is a Conservative councillor.

So to all those Tories who say that UKIP is splitting the eurosceptic vote, I say: How?


Gavin Ayling said...

You're right, it isn't. It's only taking Tories who hold a more rational point of view than the rest of the party...

james higham said...

Now isn't that interesting from Gavin? I've quite forgotten what I was going to write now.

timmyhawk said...

Hmm. Still, it would probably still help Tory-party Eurosceptics to have the tougher types like the UKIPers around. It's essential for us Conservatives to remain Eurosceptical, both out of principle and for electoral reasons. Sadly, that Councillor quoted is not alone. Though what he's doing in the Conservative Party I cannot understand. Eurofederalism is incompatible with conservatism. Party debate should be between Eurosceptics and "Eurorealists"/"better off outers". So we need UKIPers to stay and fight their fight internally. Please?