Sunday, March 04, 2007

Quite frankly...

I am more than a little bored of politics at the moment. I went to read the BBC news page today, and my eyes glazed over at the samey samey whingy, moany old crap being written.

A summary of the three news stories I managed to scan:

"whinge, moan...blah blah...dead....politicians said...sanctimonious turdtalk..blah...moan....woe is me...whinge....more people dead..."

So instead, I thought I would post a picture of the shoes I wish I could buy if I didn't spend all my money on thin air*

Donations gratefully received.

Which reminds me of something funny that happened today. Estate agents came round as flatmate and I are moving out as this place is quite pricy. I only moved in recently as other occupant moved out. Estate agent asks flatmate (I am not there) if her roommate is called Bob i.e the guy who lived there before. Yes, she replied, forgetting that this could lead to issues when estate agent walked into mine/bobs room.

"Impressive collection of ladies shoes" he said. Flatmate smirked. Well, Bob could be a transvestite, and who would we be to comment?

Anyway, am off to Brux at end of the week to find out what will be going on at the Heads of State dinner. Trouble, I suspect. I hope that it will cause me to be angry enough to start caring again, and then I can write something decent. Or, at least, the usual crap minus the pictures of overpriced footwear.

*it may as well have, for I can't see what I have managed to spend that, and the money I have borrowed from Mastercard, on. Apart from the fabulous shoes, of course. but a quick calculation worked out that the ones on my shoe racks (winter) cost me £2300 which isn't all the money I have ever earned...conundrum.


Chippy said...

Unfortunately, I can't send you a cheque but I'm delighted to say that I have donated a pair of men's size 10 work boots with steel toecaps. They're in the post.


Trixy said...


I will have to stick sequins to them if they are going to be in any way acceptable...

Chippy said...

Oh, they'll look simply divine with sequins and some pink laces! And you must post photos when you wear them!

CityUnslicker said...

perhaps punk will come back in too.

I agree about the state of politics, it is all in stasis until the evil one finally resigns in favour of the more evil one.