Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Budget

My short analysis of the budget.

The poor are worse off.

Incentives for workers on benefits to get out and get a job are diminished further

I will have to go abroad more often to buy cigarettes

Regardless of pennies here and there off the various rates of taxation, the tax system is still too complicated.

Gordon Brown has been pushed into a corner when it comes to international competitiveness and has made some cosmetic alterations. But it's really nothing more than that. If we want more FDI then we need to slash corporation taxes. And we need to simplify the tax system, which is why UKIP advocates a Flat Tax Policy.

And why do spirits never have duty increased on them? Is it because our dour Scots gobblemuncher is partial to a wee dram?

oh, and another thing. Am just listening to a broadcast by the gobblemuncher and he reminded me of another thing I am irritated by.

I don't approve of child benefits. I certainly don't agree that they should be increased.

Having children is not a right, and if you do decide to have them it's up to you and your partner should make sure you can afford them. Why should I have to pay more for your child when as a single, childless woman my taxes already go to paying its education. And because I am single, getting on the property ladder is a nightmare, so quite frankly I need every penny I can get.


timmyhawk said...

I suppose the argument for child benefits is that it helps people finance their offspring. This in turn guarantees that society will physically exist further into the future. Without this the nation state could not continue to exist. Self-preservation is the nation state's first aim, hence the child benefits. I suppose you could disagree with this but I think it's a key argument that needs to be engaged.

Chippy said...

Might I add that we poor strippers have been left out in the cold. This budget has been a pro-shrinkage budget leaving a man with no reason to get naked for money.

james higham said...

The thing I disliked the most in it was the company tax. i know it was covered in capital gains but that means diddly squat to a small businessman.