Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Stick that in your pipe...

Yes, the EU want to ban smoking everywhere.

Am I surprised? Not in the slightest. They can say it has something to do with the environment and thus have competence over it, and at the same time have creeping competence over health and education, which they clearly desperately want.

The Health Commissioner has said that there is indisputable proof that passive smoking causes deaths: about 79 000 a year according to the fat, former chimney.

I have recently given up smoking, which I am rather disappointed about. It wasn't a conscious decision, I just didn't like the taste of smoking anymore. However, I am calling on all smokers and libertarians out there to unite against the fascist EU and combat this ban on smoking which, as my father tells me, was first proposed by Adolf himself.

It's also being promoted by Pfizer, I understand, who just happen to have patented a new drug designed to help people to stop smoking.

My favourite comment on the BBC have your say website can be found Here


The Tin Drummer said...

The Commissioner, or one of his lickspittles, failed utterly to give one single reason why this should not be for national governments to decide and of course the BBC 5 Live interviewer failed to press the point.

Of course the answer is, as always: "because it'll save lives".

Trixy said...

Well, if their plans come off then they can always claim competence under environmental legislation, for which they will soon have even more competence over. Which is nice.

I have taken up smoking again in protest.