Saturday, January 27, 2007

And for my hundredth post

Something cheerful. Holocaust memorial day.

I don't think anyone really needs me blathering on about the horror of the Holocaust, so instead I will have a quick rage about an aspect of it which really irritates me.

And it's the EU again.

A few weeks ago you may remember that Germany tried to push for an EU-wide ban on the swastika.

Germany, holder of the EU presidency, wants to make Holocaust denial and the display of Nazi symbols a crime.

How typical of that bitch Angela Merkel to completely miss the point. The Swastika has been around for thousands of years, used by Hindu's and Buddhists to name but two.

Just because Hitler misused the symbol, abused it and used it to propagate a reign of terror and racism and discrimination, it does not mean that its peaceful use should be banned."

The group said banning the swastika was equivalent to banning the cross simply because the Ku Klux Klan had used burning crosses.

When David Irving was imprisoned in Austria for being a 'holocaust denier' there were many of us around who questioned the direction in which 'thought crimes' were heading. Not Theresa Villiers, though. She stated loud and proud on Question Time that she thought that imprisoning someone because of what they believed was a good thing. I wonder why she stopped becoming an MEP: she was a perfect Tory example.

How much danger are we slipping into if we ban an ancient religious symbol because of the Nazis? It seems to me to be giving rather too much credence to that group of evil nutters.

And for those of you who question the existence of the Concentration Camps, here's a good book for you to read

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