Monday, January 15, 2007

The European Parliament: making us angry since 1957

Or whenever the fuck it was.

'The Equal Opportunities Unit would like to remind you that the process of proposing candidates for the Equality Awards 2007 is still ongoing. This year you can propose candidates for two award categories - "Role Model" and "Best Practice".

A candidate for a Role Model award could be any colleague who, either through their professional work, or through having overcome obstacles associated with gender, disability, age or any other factor that could give rise to inequality, has helped to promote equality and/or diversity. For example, a woman working in a male-dominated environment, a colleague who has overcome difficulties associated with a disability in his/her professional work, etc.

A candidate for a Best Practice award could be any colleague or department/unit/DG having devised and implemented one or several initiative(s) aimed at promoting equality and/or diversity. For example, a department/unit/DG that has taken steps to reduce the gap between men and women in its management team or to encourage a better balance between work and family life, or again to integrate disabled colleagues.

The Selection Committee will make the final decision on the awards winners based on the motivations, so it is worthwhile to argue for your candidate's case well! Please take your time to fill in one of the attached candidate proposal forms (EN, FR, DE). When you open the form, click "Enable Macros", fill it in and press the button at the end of the form to return it to the Equal Opportunities Unit. The deadline for sending in your proposals is 5 February 2007.

For further information see the Newshound articles

We look forward to receiving your proposals.

Best regards,

The Equal Opportunities Unit

DG Personnel

KAD 01E018

L - 2929 Luxembourg

tel: +352 4300 23715

e-mail: egalitĂ©´

I think I should get the award: I managed to get into work on time despite wearing heels that, as a woman, society dictates I wear. Now, who is going to nominate me, eh? I have the forms on my computer just waiting to be filled in....

This is what my money goes on. These bunch of PC wankers..fucking equal opportunities Unit: I hope there are exactly the same number of men and women working there, unlike the Lesbian Commission*, which employs 80% women.

*okay, so it's not actually called that, but it may as well be.

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