Sunday, January 28, 2007

The secret EU meetings

Tony Blair has appointed two senior officials to lead secret negotiations to breathe life back into the EU constitution.

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, sent letters to group leaders in the European Parliament and other officials informing them of the German Presidency's plan to have the constitution sorted out by June.

The secret meetings will start this week in Berlin, and will take place on a fortnightly basis. Kim Darroch, Blair's adviser on the EU and Nicola Brewer, Europe Director-General at the FCO (the lady responsible, one presumes, for the lies and utter one sided presentation of 'facts' on the FCO website, including the EU quiz which may as well have been written by an EU Commissioner so distorted are the questions and answers).

Downing Street as refused to comment on this so far.

Fear not, for at least the Tories are coming out saying something incredibly strong about how they oppose this....

If they had been told, as they should have been, that Britain wanted no part in any EU Constitution then that would have been one thing. We might then be able to focus on what is needed in the EU - a reduction in over-regulation. The fact that the government is not prepared to tell Parlaiment or the public what they are doing inevitably raises suspicions. The majority of people in Britain think the process of European Integration has already gone too far - they would like to see powers coming back, not more sovereignty given away.

Right, Mr Brady. You do know that that is not going to happen, yes? Especially when people like David Cameron want the EU to have more control, such as over climate change, and your MEPs keep on voting for more regulation. I'm thinking, REACh, the Gender Equality Institute, MiFID....I could go on.

At least someone is actually saying something clear cut and useful:

Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, said he was "alarmed" by the latest development, particularly as Mr Darroch was a well-known inthusiast for the EU Constitution, who played a key role in drawing up the document. Mr Farage said he stronly believed Mr Blair would attempt to strike a deal before he quits. But he warned that Gordon Brown would face a huge political backlash if he tried to force the deal through Parliament without giving the British people the final say in a referendum. Mr Farage added "It now looks almost certain that Blair will sign up to a deal before he goes but he will not have time to get Parliamentary approval. Instead, he will hand the problem over to Gordon Brown - it is like handing over a hand grenade with the pin pulled out...

Well, I shouldn't have thought that Blair cares particularly about Brown, considering he's in the lead for the race to be the first EU President. Can you imagine. Donations for a one way ticket out of here please; send to Trixy, Westminster, London.


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