Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ghoulish spectre of the EU Constitution returns

Were you all rather relieved that our high powered and influential Minister for Europe told us that the EU Constitution would not be coming back? I would have been, had I believed him. Even his comments in Strasbourg late last year that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office would be drawing up a document based around the euro-elite's 'need' for a new charter did not particularly please me, as I knew that they would use the fact that it was written by the civil service to distract from the EU element.

I, and many others, have been proved right.

As Angela Merkel addressed the European Parliament today, she made it perfectly clear that the EU Constitution was back.

No more waiting ghoulishly by the side of the grave, waiting for signs of life after the French and Dutch killed it (or so we thought) with their 'NON'/'NEE' votes last year.

No more whisperings in corridors, like relatives waiting by the bedside of a cancer patient, trying to grasp at snippets of news from others about if it will survive.


Complete with all the gadgets you've ever wanted, like an EU foreign minister, pointless environmental targets, the relinquishing of Justice and Home Affairs matters to the EU: you name it, you've got it. You even get that crap cuddly toy they always have on the conveyer belt of the Generation Game; although since it's the EU there are probably spikes in it's eyes or something.

That's the bitch vision of beauty there. No doubt she is shovelling starving children into her salivating gob, and will use the hacked off paws of kittens to clean her teeth with afterwards.

It's the Treaty of Nice all over again. Ireland said no. Oops! Our survery says en engh. Try again, and this time vote 'yes'. France and the Netherlands, you didn't mean to vote against the Constitution, did you? Oh, you did! Tough shit, mate. Try again, and if you vote against it this time (presuming that you actually get a vote) then we'll just ignore you. We don't actually give a sh*t what you think!

And as for Britain. You think you might get a say, eh? Ha ha ha. You haven't had a say since 1975, and even then we lied when we told you what it was all about. You think your Conservative governments stood up for you, when in fact they signed away more and more of your power and still have the audacity to say they are Eurosceptic, even with the Boy Blunder in charge.

When will people wake up to the realities of the EU? When it attacks them in the middle of the night?

If you don't want to be part of this gang bang of failing nation states, then vote UKIP. Or shut the f**k up.

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