Monday, January 29, 2007

Milliband proves his worth

Whilst walking in St James' Park today, a seagull flew straight towards me and banged into my head. This is clearly nature's way of telling me that, because I think that Britain should be out of the European Union, I am an environment-hating, 4x4 driving, poverty-in-third-world-loving, moonpig. Why do I think this? Well, As Milliband says in the Independent today:

The European Union is leading the way on this - one reason you cannot protect the environment if you are a Eurosceptic.

The European Union is leading the way on yet more excuses for civil continency bills which remove the need for Parliamentary debate (not that you'd get much of one in Westminster) and another convenient way to raise taxes.

Just, erm, what, er, argh, eeek.

I mean, what is the man on?

The catastrophic effects of global warming have not even been proven. They are widely disputed by most people with an IQ greater than a baby carrot, (oops, that's most of the government out of that one!), and as Mr Nestlé said the other day on the Today programme, should really not be our top priority.

(Prodicus covered that interview wonderfully: go have a read)

And is it me, or is this advice on how to dispose of bodily fluids perhaps taking the nanny state a little too far?:

You recommend not flushing the toilet as one way of helping the environment, but shouldn't we be manipulating the structure of all toilets so as to use less water? THEO ROWLEY, Stafford

Only when you pee

Bleugh, I say. (along with 'Lavatory')

At least we can all play a little game at the end of this wonderful interview:

What was your nickname at Haverstock school? GRAHAM ADAMS, London

I have blocked it out. Don't ask what they called me at university.

Was it a c.....

At least I know that nature has forgiven me for my hateful thoughts of wanting democracy and free global trade: a squirrel ate a monkey nut out of my hand and I don't have rabies.

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