Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Things that annoy me

1) The failure of people to grasp that the Consumer Price Index isn't just some nasty thing dreamed up by Gordon Brown, but is the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices which was forced on us from the EU, and which was supported by the major UK political parties, including the Tories. (I have sat in plenty of committees and heard this said)

2) People not getting their facts straight over the Plymouth / West Dorset 'mass resignations'. There weren't any mass resignations. A couple of, erm, members decided to go and to cause as much trouble as they could. Political commentators such as Iain Dale reporting that hundreds of people have resigned from all over the country is not true and is not clever commentry.

3) David Cameron: So many things

a) how to save money on food is a classic example of how little the Boy Blunder actually understands. Want to save money on food? Withdraw from the Common Agricultural Policy which raises food prices by an estimated £20 a week for the average family

b)The Three P's: People, Planet and Poverty. Or as I like to call it, Piss Poor Policies.

"'And pushing for a WTO deal to reduce tariffs will help reduce poverty in the developing world.'" said Dave.

How are you going to do that? We don't have our own seat at the WTO and instead have to rely on that prat Mandelson, who thinks it's a good idea to impose EU wide tariffs on shoes and clothes. Oh, and bikes, ironing boards, and anything else he can think of. This is exactly what stops the developing world developing. Free Trade increases global parity, and we should be abolishing all of these ridiculous trade barriers. Alas, that will not happen whilst we are held back in our policy by other countries having a say. France, Spain, Italy to name but three have not adapted to globalisation and don't want to. They want to stick to unproductive, highly regulated industries which can't compete with the rest of the world.

So here's an idea for reducing poverty. Take back our seat at the WTO and let's get on with free trade.

Planet: Well, my first suggestion to Mr Cameron would be trying to get some scientific proof about the impact of global warming, instead of encouraging people to walk around with windmills attached to their heads. Oh, and how about investing in nuclear energy? intead of rushing blindly to meet the EU renewable energy targets for 2020, which are for 20% of the UK's energy to come from renewable sources? I don't want to live in a country covered with windmills, and with any kind of flowing water dammed up for HEP, thanks. A couple of efficient nuclear power stations would do me nicely.

But, oh no!: ''Cooperation on the environment and the Emissions Trading System to reduce carbon emissions would help improve the environment of the planet.'

People: Well, seeing as Dave and his crew think that Polly Toynbee is talking sense on social matters, clearly he has no idea about social matters. Maybe the best way of helping people would be to cut taxes, stop interfering in every aspect of their lives, make small government and cut regulation. Of course, this would be much easier if we withdrew from the EU, since the most harmful social legislation comes from there. Examples? Age discrimination laws, the working time directive, the harmonised accounting procedures, MiFID, immigration policy, continual push towards higher taxes, including a miminum of 15% VAT and a limited number of exemptions?

However: 'Mr Cameron reiterated his backing for positive engagement with Europe at the Christian Social Union (CSU) party conference in Bavaria today.'

And of course, no to the EU Constitution which will just fuck this continent over.
'The Conservative Party will not support a Constitution that is about transferring more power to the EU.'

But you haven't ruled out a Consitution in principle, then? Well, I suppose that tallies up with the Built on Sand Built to Last pledge from a few months ago which again did not rule out the Conservatives supporting any EU consitution. Presumably they would only not support one which the media found out about. He's been very quiet about the FCO writing up the new document, for example...

Oh dear, Cameron. You really have no clue, do you.


Iain Dale said...

It may not be clever commentary, but it happens to be true. UKIP membership has plummeted from 27,000 to 16,000. Nigel Farage told me himself. It's in his interview with me on 18 Doughty Street. And do learn to spell commentary!!!

Trixy said...

This I did not deny, my love.

I just questioned the accuracy of some of your sources (or sauces?) on which you have relied on. Surely something I am permitted to do?