Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Come fly with me

Well, don't actually. I normally snore and kick the people around me when I fly.

Am off to India for a week, to do lots of yoga, snorkelling, sunbathing and laughing at the Devil when he goes pink after spending 2 minutes in the sun covered in factor 350 suncream.

I shall not, however, be running people over in a CCO minibus

And just incase you were worried that I was going to be staying in some shanty town doing charity work, here are some pictures of where I am staying:


Mr Eugenides said...

Would it be ungallant of me to call you a cunt?

Trixy said...

Well, seeing as cunts are loving and giving and the source of so much pleasure, I would have thought not.

Whilst you have that lovely, cool weather, do spare a thought for the lobster sitting next to me....