Friday, February 06, 2009

Why you're on the trash desk

I don't think people generally expect unbiased, quality copy from the Daily Mirror but guys, you've surpassed yourself with this effort:

The fact the producers didn't ask him to Leave Right Now as he took his first question was a good start qt any rate (sorry, we couldn't resist) and we particularly like him taking the right wing Farage to task so early in the show.

However, we weren't as impressed when later on he appeared to side with Farrage that the Beeb shouldn't have sacked Carol Thatcher. Don't side with the enemy Will, even if you agree with them!

I should imagine Will Young knows more about politics than a gossip dolly at the Mirror for one.

Secondly, try get the person's name spelt correctly. You managed it once, just copy and paste if you find it tough.

Thirdly, that last comment just shows why you really should be limited to being the newspaper people use to ensure their windows are streak free.

How fucking bitter are you? What a sad, pathetic person it takes to get upset because a pop star agreed with a person whose policies are too complicated for you to get your tiny wee brains around? Liberty is hardly a strong point at the Mirror, not when there's a Labour MP to praise.

Sadly for you young gossip queens, it would appear that young Will has rather more in common with Mr Farage than with you. His son is also doing a politics degree at Exeter after all.

Never mind. I'm sure there's a forthcoming interview with Jade Goody you can fill the pages with to ensure you don't have to get your head around current affairs.


Sue said...

I was really impressed with Mr Farage.

I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with the Conservatives and more and more impressed with UKIP.

Idle Pen Pusher said...

I thought they were all lame except the ever-reliable Nigel Farage. Will Young was OK I guess - it could be a lot worse coming from a pop star.

Sue said...

Will Young had no business being on there. He clearly showed he was out of his depth.

Trixy said...

I didn't think Will Young was that bad. Hoon put it a better than usual performance for a Labour minister but then he was at the MoD for years which usually teaches them to be pragmatic. May was shocking. I don't actually know what she said. Tory policy a the moment though, I suppose.