Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More on those Post Offices

One only needs to monitor politics for a few weeks to realise the sheer scale of incompetence and hypocrisy which rains down daily from the hallowed halls of power.

You'd be hard pushed to find an MP who at some point hadn't made you drag out the 'Polly Conundrum', either whilst you were picking your chin up from the floor or scratching your head with that halibut expression gracing your featuresn perplexed over some bizarre utterance.

The question of Post Offices once again leads us into that sacred realm of confusion. Surely they must know the reason by now? Or if they don't, surely someone must have fired them for being so dumb? No?

The laughable contradiction of 'rebel' Labour MPs jumping around over the part privatisation of POL when, only a few months ago, they were foaming mouthed at the prospect of it not happening.

Bless 'em, they might not have realised that when they bulldozed through the Lisbon Treaty in the Commons they were just backing up EU Diktats which their on colleagues on the continent supported.

But they should do. They get double the national average wage and a permanent seat at the scoffing trough and for that I expect them to know what the fuck they are talking about.

Not that our beloved Pravda help much. Cue much falling off chairs when, after three years of trying to get the press to mention the EU Postal Services Directive (mighty Jeff Randall and some guys from the Mail on Sunday excluded), they call up UKIP leader Nigel Farage to talk about it on Newsnight.

And then pull it at the last minute. I can only presume that they felt that they'd been so blinkered and ignorant on the topic for years that to finally admit there was this crucial element in the jigsaw would have made them look foolish.

Public Service Broadcasting? Chance would be a fine thing.


scunnert said...

So much that is happening in the UK legislatively is to comply with EU directives - and yet folks don't know about it. This is a real failure of the British media and MP's, and I've often wondered why?

Folks just don't understand that so much of their sovereignty has already been transferred to Brussels that the UK is now a province.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Jeff Randall and others have indeed been quietly plugging away at this one

What reason was given for pulling Nigel Farange ?

Trixy said...

Jeff is great and on the ball. But then he did have a fab person briefing him way back last year...

As for thr beeb? Can of worms, I suspect. When they covered the report on post offices their team told me the reason they hadn't mentioned the EU was because it wasn't covered in the report. They then sent me the report where it was mentioned no less than 19 times.