Tuesday, February 03, 2009

To all train companies in the South East

Dear Train Company,

I know the country has become all a bit 1970s what with snow, strikes and an incompetent Labour government, but that's no excuse to completely disintegrate.

We've had Thatcher, you've been privatised and quite frankly I expect better. Yes, there was a fair bit of snow, yes, the roads were quite tricky to navigate. But that was yesterday and today it's fine.

The snow did not rot the tracks, it did not steal the rolling stock and your staff - as rude as ever - are at work.

Why, then, are we subjected to this joke of a service? If you can't get staff to come to work there are a whole load of people unemployed (and quite a few in North Lincolnshire openly looking for work.) How about you sack the ones who used a bit of weather as an excuse and train some new ones up?

Ski resorts manage. Countries all over the world manage. Little old ladies lug their shopping up icy hills in snow boots so I fail to see why you can't run a decent train service between two cities.

Yours etc



Henry North London said...

It was the wrong kind of snow. Honestly How did the Victorians cope? They had train services and the reputation of the Empire at stake

These people are workshy twats

it's either banned or compulsory said...

When I were a lad, 1960's, the rest of the world was frequently cut off by snow from my small north Derbyshire town but I don't recall ever once using that as an excuse to skip school, go shopping or going out and about with me mates.

The Nameless Libertarian said...

According to the tube network it was down to the "adverse weather conditions". Which is probably a euphemism for "we can't blame the snow because you are underground, where, generally, it doesn't snow." And a fine piece of lying to hide the fact that my local tube station was closed because people just took a snow day and didn't turn up to work.

As Henry says - These people are workshy twats