Sunday, February 22, 2009

Princess Diana Mark II

Okay, so I will go as far as saying that lots of young women now going to get their smears is a positive thing. Let's hope they take note of the results, though.

Now I've that all over with I would like to be permitted to make a couple of small points regarding this lavish 'do' in Essex, where Jade shall be Saint of. Tis only right.

The News of the World reports that she has received some very nice gifts so that she can give her children lots of money when she finally leaves this earth. And on that note:

I will be watching my boys from heaven. I've told my family I will be the brightest star.

She's turned to religion, you see. I think they all do. Whatever floats your boat, love. Her wish to be always noticible in the bright sky [I'm trying quite hard not to make observational links between a large, mainly vacuous, ball of gas and Jade Goody] will be greatly assisted by one of those free gifts I dropped into the conversation earlier.
Some kind hearted soul, a dentist I suspect, has provided teeth whitening at the cost of £3000 for her big day. I say that's nice. Originally I thought it would have been a waste to have these shiny, white teeth on a corpse whilst there are people living rough on the streets, including those who might have served their country in the forces, but I see now that I was wrong. This bright spark has, more than any of the others, assisted her in her wish to be visible for a long time.

And if we stick to this rather jolly 'keeping positive' idea we can see that there are lots of benefits to this sad situation. As Fido the Dog points out in the previous comments,
Well said, still at least hubby to be won't have to worry about an expense divorce...

And we won't have to read about it.


Sue said...

I'm gagging to say something nasty but I'll wait to see if she recovers first :)

Oleuanna said...

For her sake she better not recover...there is no doubt if the cancer doesn't get her, this country's mob mentality will.....she will be thoroughly crucified for surviving cancer....poor stuporous mare!!