Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Speak the unspeakable?

I'm preparing myself for a torrent of abuse after I publish this little piece. But you know what? I'm so sick of it I've got to say something for those cathartic purposes.

Lots of people get cancer.
Lots of people die of cancer.
Lots of people who die of cancer have children.
Lots of people know where Cambridge is.
Lots of people know that East Angular isn't a place but the consequence of being dumb.
Most people who have cancer don't have huge amounts of money.
Very few of those will have made a lot of money at an early age by not doing very much.
Most people who are dying don't get designer wedding dresses, huge weddings in Englefield Green and wall to wall TV and press coverage.
Most people would realise ignoring a letter from your doctor about pre cancerous cells is REALLY FUCKING STUPID AND DANGEROUS.
So why, when Jade Goody did it, does she get all this? I'm fed up of watching it and seeing it in papers.
Ladies, go for your smear tests. Yes, they're unpleasant but they can save your life.
Men, give yourself a fondle and check you're okay for lumps and bumps.

Enough of the faux outpourings of grief. I know you've had nothing since Diana, but really. Enough.


Dungeekin said...

Well said.

Of course, thanks to the Beano and Max Clifford, she's now Saint Jade of Essex.



Sue said...

I'm sick of seeing her fish face everywhere. She's really milking it to the bitter end.

Fidothedog said...

Well said, still at least hubby to be won't have to worry about an expense divorce...

an ex-apprentice said...

No abuse apparent yet then, Trixy.

Personally, I don't blame her for making a career out of ignorance and stupidity. I should be astonished that such a thing were possible, but unfortunately, I'm not.
Rather, I hold in contempt those who make it possible.

Trixy said...

Clearly I don't attract readers of Heat magazine nor the Daily Mirror.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

At least she won't be in a pantomime this year.

Leg-iron said...

Men, give yourself a fondle and check you're okay for lumps and bumps.

How many lumps should there be per bag of lumps? Is it set, or is it a sort of 'average contents: two' sort of thing?

More importantly, how many do you need to be allowed to flash your bits on TV without getting arrested?

I know there are more important questions to be asked, but everyone is already asking them and nobody ever answers anyway.

The Penguin said...

Leave the cunt alone, dontcha know she's the new People's Princess?

How on earth that utter wankstain Max Clifford managed to screw some £1.5 million quid out of some imbeciles for exclusive coverage of her wedding is beyond belief.

No wonder little Alfie is thinking of toffee apples.

The Penguin.

CIngram said...

Trixie, the television has an off switch and the papers don't read themselves. I don't know who this woman is and I have no intention of finding out. It's quite easy really.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Imagine spending the rest of your life being introduced as " Jade Goodys' Widower " ?

Sue said...

I want a grey "pineapple" sweatsuit now :)

Plato said...

Mr Draper would be very impressed that you're comfortable expressing your anger :)

haddock said...

"The 27-year-old has stage three cancer. It was misdiagnosed four times, but Jade says she won't seek compensation from the hospital, as she thinks taking money from the NHS is wrong."