Thursday, February 19, 2009

Facepalm time

More goings on in the European Parliament today. Vaclav Klaus has stirred controversy by not sticking two fingers up to the people of the EU and consequently has caused outrage. This isn't a joke piece, they do just fail to see the irony:

Klaus, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, said there was "a great distance", not only in a geographical sense, between citizens and EU representatives...Responding to the speech, parliament's president Hans-Gert Pöttering said Klaus had reflected "the diversity in Europe" but pointed out that "in a democracy it's the view of the majority that counts".

The sheer ignorance it must take to stand up in front of people and say that 'The Majority that counts' when they are debating the Lisbon Treaty on which the only country who voted said NO and the majority hadn't been asked is, well, the level of ignorance we've come to expect from the euroweenies.

But such is the pig headedness and mad, fanatical determination of these people that they cannot comprehend that their actions are the actions of a totalitarian organisation where dissenting opinion is not allowed.

Klaus wants the people to have a say and for saying that he gets this:
Socialist leader Martin Schulz said the Czech president showed he "has no understanding of democracy or the workings of the European institutions".

Schultz has a point. Klaus has not yet worked out that the EU institutions are corrupt and need a large fucking bomb dropped on them as the only way to sort out the endemic slaughter of democracy.

But can you imagine the detachment from reality for Schultz - the man who is already lining up people to be in his cabinet when he is appointed 'elected' President of the Parliament - to say that Klaus is anti democratic by wanting to follow the will of the people?

And chaps, that little reminder once again: Pottering is in the same group as the Tories and Schultz as Labour. And for all you Lib Dems who think that your party is in any way democratic, the leader of the ALDE group is Graham Watson:
..."he fails to appreciate how EU democracy works, nor how the Lisbon treaty would change it for the better."

Watson described Klaus' claim that those who experienced communism value democracy and freedom more highly as "regrettably arrogant" but insisted that many Czechs disagreed with him on the issues.


an ex-apprentice said...

Thank you, Trixy, for the contribution to my blood pressure.

The irony in the EU delivering lectures on democracy.....

subrosa said...

I was reading somewhere the Yes group in Ireland are at 53%. Hope that's a dud poll but who knows.

Trixy said...

Who knows. They've been lying to the Irish that these measures, such as a permanent Irish Commissioner, will make any difference. That's like saying Peter Mandelson stood up for the best interests of Britain.