Wednesday, September 17, 2008

'Brown Baffles Blair' and other unlikely stories.

Insomnia struck last night and so I channel hopped to find a suitable programme to help me drift off. As luck would have it, BBC Parliament were showing the Lib Dem conference.

Not so lucky, the debate was on the EU. Some fat git stood up and said that they needed to be positive about 'Europe' because in the 2009 Euro Elections, UKIP would be spreading half truths, lies and conspiracy theories worthy of the Da Vinci code.'

Not quite true, Mr Man-Made Fibres. UKIP base their arguments on facts and use real examples to back them up. On the other hand, the Lib Dems go around canvassing areas, including their stronghold of the South West, telling people they are eurosceptic.

If you actually went around telling people what you were really like: you're in favour of ID cards via the EU's biometric passports, you want uncontrolled immigration and Vince Cable is the only person in the party who seems to have even a basic grasp on economics, then I'd be happy.

The next man up on the platform had a beard! Joy of joys! Mr Face Fungus was so dim he needed to be locked up for his, and our, safety.

According to him, the reason we are in a recession is, and I am still laughing at this, because we didn't join the Euro. The reason we didn't join the Euro, he tells me, is because Gordon Brown used unnecessary technical language to bamboozle Blair into not joining it with his economic criteria. We didn't need economic criteria to join, because it's about political union. Well, thank you. I think most of us had worked that out but actually, thank you Control Freak Brown for stopping us going headfirst into that disaster.

Ask Italy what they think about joining the Euro for just one example of how converging monetary policy doesn't work.

But yes. Brown confused Blair. How? He has no grasp on economics, how could he? I suggest that Mr FF and our great leader would probably get on quite well together.

Now, why does anyone vote for the Lib Dems? Seriously. I can't think of a single reason.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Such a good post, I had to link to it. However, there was a serendipitous circumstance, which is available for perusal if you consider my "What real bloggers are saying" widget.


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Mark Wadsworth said...

Ah yes, but you haven't mastered double-think:

The real reason why e.g. Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Germany etc are in a recession is because the UK did not join the Euro!