Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Not so reliant Robin

I hear Robin Page has been mouthing off about not being on the list for UKIP in the Eastern Region.

As far as I am concerned I don't see what the problem is. Everyone else managed to fill their forms in in time, and the Eastern Region was massively over subscribed. Why should he be any different? It wasn't like he ever used to write about UKIP in his articles. In fact, number one on the list there is the excellent David Campbell Bannerman, deputy leader, followed by Stuart Agnew who is of very high calibre and Andrew Smith who was bright, loyal and dedicated.

I guess he is attacking the current MEP Jeffrey Titford and his advisor Stuart Gulleford, who fought for a place on the list and came 4th and maybe the RO who didn't fill his form in for him?

Really, why is he being so vitriolic? He was given more time than any other candidate in the country to get his signatures together and his forms in. It's precisely because they were not held like a banana republic that he was not slotted in somewhere on the list without having to go through the same criteria as everyone else. Can you imagine how other people would have felt if he'd been given extra allowances? That would have been a stitch up.

I personally am heartily disappointed in him. I forgave him when he went around calling up the media saying he was going to be the next MEP over the Tom Wise rigmarole, I didn't have to deal with cross BBC departments calling me up to ask why this man was demanding every single piece of information about him under the Freedom of Information Act Request.

But this latest piece of crap I cannot. Really. Page is in this situation because he failed to do what many others managed to do and I've slotted him into the same category as John West who, when he didn't get on the shortlist, reported Titford and Gulleford to the police on the say so of who knows.

That is why there is a mention of OLAF: because jealous people report them so they can say 'they're being reported by OLAF'. Anyone can be on the basis of a targeted smear.

Good luck to all those people who were selected, there are some bloody good people on the list including Paul Nutall and Mick Mcmanus in the North West, Nigel Farage and Marta Andreasen in the South East, the Eastern region, Godfrey Bloom in Yorkshire and the Earl of Dartmouth in the South West.


haddock said...

Trixy, I was totally pissed off to see the list for the South-West..Earl of Dartmouth, member since ? 2007! the nepotism candidate, aka Julie Harrison, a member since 2008.
Where are the hard working party members ? .... or is the party more interested in celebrity than policy and commitment?
If His Earlship is so bloody good why did it take so bloody long for him to join up ?

Trixy said...

I met Julie Harrison and she was a lovely lady and is an asset to the party. You could consider me biased given that she is a sky diver, however.

But nepotism? Hard to say that since the members decided with one person, one vote. The short list was decided through a media test and an interview with longstanding party officials. As someone who knows the Earl of Dartmouth I don't doubt his commitment, nor his ability and political ability. Lots of people join political parties, very few people get press coverage when they do. He is an asset to UKIP.