Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reading the newswires, I stumbled across this little story:

Which did actually make me laugh initially. And then I read it and I stopped laughing and smiled because I assumed there was going to be a lot of 'they're all racists and I want compensation and an enquiry' in quotation marks and instead this smiling and evidently hard working chap (he has lots of fields with lots of crops all over the country) from Zimbabwe said
"The police were doing their job. It was a bit of a misunderstanding with the local people, I think. All of a sudden there's a black man behind them in fields putting maize in a van.

"They really thought I was stealing it. I don't blame the neighbours."

Because, let's face it, there are lots of people more scared of being called racist than stopping someone in the act of theft, or confronting gangs of youths in unattractive clothing. I even thought twice about writing this and saying that I wish Ghaffur had a similar attitude. But if I felt scared about writing something based on the 'r' word then they've won.

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