Wednesday, September 10, 2008

As good a reason as any.

Minge was on fine drunken form last night, sipping his mint julep in what can only be described as a butch and heterosexual manner. The conversation at the Knightsbridge eaterie had moved on, mistakenly I think, to American politics and Sarah Palin in particular, something he has rather a passion for. He's still the head of the 'Republicans Abroad' in Qatar which is saying something, especially for someone who doesn't actually live in Qatar.

I do find it typical of the left to rave on about Obama but then attack Palin for being inexperienced. For what is Obama if not a bit of a chancer with no bills to his name. The teams seem to have been picked by the PR department for Obama has a Washington Insider as his wing man to counter the calls that he's inexperienced whereas McCain, who has actually been involved in national politics, has the cute youthful token as his vice president.

Personally, I'm not sure I'd vote for either of them being as I am a libertarian first and foremost. The Democrats have yet to sit down for their 'economics for beginners' course and understand the importance of cutting taxes and 'red tape'* but the Republicans are rather too devout for my liking. One thing I find incredibly important in a democracy is that we are not ruled according to religious dogma or doctrine even if it is the one I was ostensibly raised under.

However, I do have a soft spot for the glamorous Mrs Palin, mainly because she looks like Karen Walker from Will and Grace.

Well, I think people have actually voted for more fickle reasons: I'm just commenting.

*But I read in The Times that George Osborne has, yippee!

UPDATE: It seems the Telegraph agrees with me....hmmm

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