Monday, September 15, 2008

Tax doesn't have to be taxing...

Well, wow. Clegg has won a vote calling for tax cuts and cuts in public spending, although only by £20bn. And they're still throwing that useless, meaningless phrase 'social justice' around.

The party's annual conference approved a policy document promising "big" reductions for struggling families at the next election...The vote means the Lib Dems are the only one of the three main parties currently offering tax cuts.

Of course, UKIP grasped economics much earlier than the policy wonks in the LibLabCon.

In general, I think we can still think of them as a party on the left, given:
Science spokesman Evan Harris tabled an amendment to the motion, insisting public services should be the main priority, rather than tax cuts, but this was easily defeated.
"Hero worship of our leader does not help him avoid the pitfalls of being labelled a tax-cutting party," he argued.

Well, indeed. Heaven forbid you are known as a party which believes in individual liberty and that people have a right to keep the money they earn themselves rather than have it stolen by the government of the day to waste in a series of pointless PR projects.

But there is still the clear signal that our mighty leaders haven't grasped basic economics or how economic growth is brought about.

You know the economy is in trouble when unemployment rises. This is because people are employed because they earn the company they work for money. More profit, more investment. More people earning money means more people spending money in the shops, on holidays, buying get my drift. So if companies aren't hiring, they aren't making money. If people are being sacked they don't have the money to spend and we are in trouble.

So if our esteemed leaders actually wanted to do something sensible they would be talking about cuts in corporation tax and removing the tax on dividends and savings.

If they want to 'tighten their belts', here are a few of my ideas:
1) leave the EU
2) Abolish the Scottish Parliament. You have MPs in Westminster. You may consider them useless fuckwits but, if that is the case, don't vote for them.
3) Abolish the Welsh Assembly. Any organisation which spends time discussing the need for bilingual signs on lavatories is a waste of time and money.
4) Abolish the London Assembly. Again, you've got MPs. Why are you so important that you need more? Constituencies are drawn up on the basis of population after all.

There's a few billion a year spare, pretty quickly. And you've also got some lovely buildings to turn into offices which can make money instead of spending it. And I'm sure if you ask nicely they might even let you hold you 'self awareness and social diversity through the medium of cow bells' in one of the meeting rooms.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Given up on the piano, then? :o)

James Higham said...

Love to see you try 2 and 3.

Trixy said...

I'd love to try.

Piano still going well, it's just the anger has returned. jolly good.