Thursday, August 28, 2008

EU to ban pasta

Well, almost:

London, AUG 26 (ANI): The classic Vespa scooter, which came to symbolise Mod rebellion in Britain, has been scrapped after falling foul of European Union emissions rules.

The iconic Vespa scooter has been axed after EU chiefs ruled it was not eco-friendly.

Is there anything they won't ban, we ask ourselves?
Yes. They won't ban their antidemocratic, totalitarian view of a single Europe. They won't stop their attacks on MEPs who want the people to have a say in their own future, they won't stop their vast wasting of money which is not theirs to spend and they won't stop ignoring the wishes of the people who are unfortunate enough to live in the EU.

And yet people still vote for parties who want to remain in.



Mark Wadsworth said...

They'll keep banning stuff as long as rival manufacturers pay them to do so.

If they were scrapping stuff in order of eco-unfriendliness than Vesta scooters would be a long way down the list, somewhere above hairdryers but below gas central heating.

Matt Davies said...

People keep voting Traitor Party, because people are told to by the media.

I keep hoping the internet will change that, but I'm not seeing the progress I had expected by now.

Anonymous said...

Never mind... they've still got the Lambretta MIV hairdry.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Welcome back! (Caption competition in your honour over at mine! ;o)