Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh look, I was right

French president Nicolas Sarkozy has used the ongoing crisis between Russia and Georgia to put the case for the EU's new treaty, currently facing ratification difficulties.

In an opinion piece in Monday's edition of French daily Le Figaro, Mr Sarkozy, who currently holds the EU's six month presidency, wrote that the Lisbon Treaty would have given the bloc the tools it needed to handle the Moscow-Tbilisi war.
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As I wrote the other day

Lisbon has not been ratified but we knew our great Leaders would find a way around it and they are using suffering of Georgian civilians to further their own aims of a single EU foreign policy and EU battle groups.

If I were to use the conflict to my advantage I would hope that the ceasefire didn't work because then the impotence of the EU and, indeed, any supranational organisation, is highlighted. NATO is the most successful in my point of view, but in reality that worked because the US and the UK wanted it to work and had the money, manpower and equipment to do so.

The main stream media and British political parties will conveniently ignore this as it's a complicated issue and will raise that annoying problem that is the EU. Never mind the fact that when a country loses control of it's foreign policy the main roles a state have no longer exists so how much longer will it continue to be a state?

Can I have a medal anyway, please?

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Can I have a medal anyway, please?

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