Friday, August 01, 2008

SAVE DAVE CAMPAIGN - Target Spotted!

There's good news and bad news today. The good news is that team “Broon” is unlikely to demote our amour David and is well aware of the threat he poses being so dynamic, clever and cunning. Ignore the briefings from deep within no. 10 attacking the luscious young foreign secretary, concentrate more on that I’d prefer he was deep within…ummmmmmm...[Trixy to Foreign Secretary: "I'm sure you have a HUGE majority Foreign Secretary - you can definitely put a TICK in my ballot box...let me be a SWING voter, all for you sir..."]

Sorry, had to go and have a cold shower, but my main point is that David stands atop the political world like a Colossues, he’s ably holding the fort while Gordon pretends to be interested in safe Tory seats Suffolk. David can swat away Harriet and the other drones like annoying gnats - David's a brave young buck in the Highland Glens, his senses heightened - determined to spring to freedom and away from his loathsome Caledonian oppressor.

For who is it who has issued the statement backing the other? It's not my love, it is none other than the treacherous Mr Brown who knows where the future lies…

Alas, the people of Britain seem keener on the slippery and smoothy coiffed Mr. Cameron, according to a poll by the Daily Telegraph. I'm sure I could do something about that: utter a few words of policy advice, mixed with sweet nothings into his shell like.

Sensible thoughts like energy security rather than unreliable renewable energies, realising the war in Iraq was illegal, is unnecessary and is a contributing faction to poor retention rates in our armed forces and, of course, a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (aka the European Constitution).

I am sure I can find a way to soften these words which may be hard to hear but are important if I am to continue having the joy of seeing our young hero Dave in the papers and on the TV.

Don't listen to the “comrades”, the Labour MPs who spend more time in Court in their main jobs than they do in parliament. You do what you have to do and the 'Save Dave' Campaign will be victorious!


Yes, it was necessary to edit that splurge by my mad friend who is a republican no matter what they do or say and doesn't let facts get in the way of his arguments...

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Obnoxio The Clown said...

You have a love rival.

Let me know where and when the cat fight will be. I can't wait!