Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bye bye, Democracy!

Not that you'd know if you only watched the British media, but the Charter of Fundamental Rights has been signed today in Strasbourg.

The President of the European Parliament, Council and Commission all made sickening speeches in front of mainly fawning/masturbating MEPs and then say down to give the EU yet more rights over countries including the UK.

Now, obviously there were some MEPs in the Chamber who were none too happy about this steamroller of EU law without so much as a by your leave towards the people who pay their fucking wages.

Not that the EU paid any attention to MEPs, mainly UKIP and their Ind Dem colleagues, asking for a referendum for the people. It might be nice, you know. As I learned myself when I was in Strasbourg, political debate is not welcome in the EU and they will lower themselves to whatever needs to be done to ensure the survival of the European SuperState. They blocked the sound out and made sure that the parliament TV did not show any of the protesters. Luckily, the BBC and ITV have footage, as they saw that the European Parliament editors were going to turn they tax payer funded equipment away from the actual event. Let's just wait and see if anyone bothers to put it on our airwaves, shall we, although I wonder whether some pointless 'story' about a football manager is considered more important than the future of our country.

They played Ode To Joy and it was announced as 'colleagues we shall now listen to the European Anthem'. Ramrod straight they stood, MEPs from all over the EU including Britain (yes, I saw you British MEPs - from all three main parties) treat the rather crap piece by Beethoven as if it were a national anthem. And for many, it was.

Gary Titley who recently announced that he wasn't going to stand as an MEP again because of the traveling to Strasbourg, was really rather miffed. The anti democratic, vomit-inducing waste of oxygen decided to let UKIP leader Nigel Farage know exactly how he felt about people wanting a referendum by shoving him and f-ing and blinding at him. Well, I'm going to F and blind back at you Titley, you mop headed, contagiously evil, ugly cunt. I hope you rot in hell, you hideous waste of oxygen. I'd jump straight on this carbon neutral bandwagon if it meant I had a legitimate use of snuffing out polluters like you.

Eliab pointed out to me that TITley's predecessor, Alan Donnelly, also stood down for much the same reasons, although how honest that is is questionable since he is now working for the nuclear industry and doing a damn site more traveling than before, although perhaps for more money?

Someone who also 'did a Titley' was one of the British Conservatives colleagues,Jose Pomes Ruiz , who decided in his wisdom to drag my friend out of the chamber, throw her in a cordoned off area outside the hemicycle and refuse to let her go unless she handed over her footage of the protest. Luckily, she's made of tougher stuff than some Spanish wanker with a chip on his shoulder about democracy (and she didn't want to appear weak next to me who was attacked by 5 people in the European Parliament for protesting!) and I am shortly to receive the YouTube link with the footage of the event, thus sticking two fingers up to the lazy broadcasters who can't be bothered to show it to the British people. Needless to say, it will be on Shoes as soon as I have it.

So, there we go. Charter of Fundamental Rights which, make no mistake, WILL be law in the UK, has been signed by two Portuguese Kilroy lookalikes and a German with no more grasp of democracy than a communist. So it's quite important, and yet you wouldn't know it...


DJ said...

Treat Ode to Joy as a national anthem ? We should be so lucky, ten to one none of those deadbeats has ever stood for God Save The Queen. It's always the ones who wax pious about the horrors of British nationalism who are quickest to embrace the Euro-version.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

I'm still cleaning up the mess from when I threw up.

Trooper Thompson said...

Good work, Trixy. We cannot let this issue die.