Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whilst the country tightens its belt

It's been an interesting day on the financial markets following Greece having it's credit rating demoted to 'junk' as Spain has its credit rating cut from AA+ to AA. A much bigger economy that Portugal or Greece, investors had their eyes on the much bigger country as an indicator of how a country in deep financial mire could get itself out of the mess. Not easily, it would seem and losing control of interest rates and control of the currency makes the whole process a hell of a lot harder.

Meanwhile, back in the UK and away from our moronic Prime Minister calling a woman who didn't agree with him a bigot, the fundamental policy people are concerned about is also the economy.

So here's a number we should all be looking at: £7 billion. This is the increase the European Commission have decided to hoist upon us tax payers, blithely ignoring the fact that they are a detriment to our democracy and our economy.

As the UK is the second biggest contributer to the EU pig trough this will see our contributions soar by £450 million a year.

Experts last night pointed out that the final budget is likely to be higher still as the Commission has not including the cost of setting up the EU’s new diplomatic service, which is expected to add billions to the total.
EU Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski said the huge spending increase was needed to allow Brussels to help aid the economic

And you can rest assured that it won't go on anything beneficial for this is an institution which requires two parliamentary buildings, one which is only in use for 40 days a year, that hasn't had its accounts signed off for 15 years and which is stuck in some soviet system of economics where ten year plans are rolled off the production line by seemingly unembarrassed bureaucrats who ignore the inconvenient truth that every plan they've put in place turns to shit. They're hailed as successes by plastic politicians who have as much economic sense as a fused 1960s toaster.

No. Instead our hard earned money; what remains once the Treasury have bent us over their mahogany desks and taken us roughly from behind; will go on a variety of pointless, nay harmful projects, including an 18% rise in 'regional funds' which can't be accounted for but examples include your money being spent on underground systems in Eastern Europe. Also on the list is a 14% increase in spending to 'tackle climate change'. With their eyes screwed shut and their hands over their ears they miss information like statistics and great fucking volcanoes spewing more ash than 50 years worth of Sloanes in their 4x4s. The politicians are right; the people are to blame.

Remember that when they say that 'Europe' isn't relevant to this election: that it's all about the economy, squabbling over £6bn 'will they, won't they' taxes on jobs...

Remember that when you look at Clegg and wonder if he's worth the risk: the man who used to work in the European Commission and who says he thinks that the reason we don't like the EU is because it reminds us of losing our Empire. Not the democratic deficit or the huge waste, the massive injustice and the fact that they could not give one fuck about us. No; it's all about the Empire.

Remember that next Thursday.


The Minstrel Boy said...

Re. Your point on volcanoes. Quote,
'With their eyes screwed shut and their hands over their ears they miss information like statistics and great fucking volcanoes spewing more ash than 50 years worth of Sloanes in their 4x4s.'
The Icelandic volcano eruption actually output more Co2. in the first 4 days of activity, than is estimated, the entire combined industries and transport of the European Union could output in over 1000 years! (Estimate based on current output levels for industrial and transport emmisions in the EU).
This makes any attempt to introduce 'carbon tax' on the microscopic amount of Co2. an individual person creates laughable.

The Penguin said...

Leaving the EUSSR was first item in my manifesto. It would on its own wipe out the deficit and the debt in only a few years...

The Penguin