Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Is this the kind of shit we're going to have to put up with during the General Election campaign?

Three parties are fighting over cutting £6bn in public spending when we give £45 million A FUCKING DAY to the EU.

Nick Clegg has demonstrated that the Lib Dems want to remove any incentives to start a business or be successful; the drivers of growth and yet no one picks him up on it, let alone the BBC.

And Peter Bloody Mandelson, the nightmare character from a 1990s computer game who, no matter how many times you splatter him with an axe and a chop to the temples Just. Will. Not. Fucking. Go - is not being pulled up on talking about democracy and referendums!

The Tory MP for Witney did wear a high-visibility yellow sash but no protective head-gear...

I want to discuss how the country is run, not fucking bicycling road safety. I couldn't give one. Why should I: I've seen no evidence that there are any brains there.

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