Monday, April 12, 2010

Labour Lies go unchecked by mainstream media

Look. The government cannot impose language tests on EU workers regardless if they work as a GP, plumber or stripper.

Labour’s policy document says current English language requirements that apply only to non-EU public workers will be extended “to ensure all employees who have contact with the public have an appropriate level of…competence”.

The fact that all three parties jumped on the bandwagon last week regarding GPs when they all voted for it in Strasbourg and now Labour include it as part of their manifesto just shows that they could not give a shit what they tell you.

I haven't heard a journalist yet question Brown on his desire to break fundamental rules in EU legislation and I suspect that's ignorance.

And it makes me fucking sick.

They lie, knowing that people will vote for them anyway.

Don't vote for them.

And remember that this is the first manifesto launched by the Labour party since Gordon Brown's barrister used their inability to be trusted as a legal defence.
"manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectation".

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