Friday, April 30, 2010

Immigration: they finally tell the truth

Finally after how many years and the three leaders of the tired, old parties have a debate on immigration.

Listening to it I actually think the most harmful policy is that of the Conservative Party. Why? Well as Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown correctly pointed out one can't control immigration within the European Union.

Let's leave aside the fact that Labour, Tory and Lib Dems voted for unlimited immigration and expansion of the European Union and support Turkish entry to the EU. The fact is that you either have immigration controls which treat everyone coming to this country for economic reasons the same or you don't.

It's not the highly skilled Kiwis I have a problem coming to Britain it's the Bulgarian pimps. Under Cameron's system what we'd end up with is companies not being able to employ the best people for the job based on their country of origin and that is not good for our businesses and so fundamentally, for our economy.

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