Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bercow's new buddies?

New to my blogroll is Skeptyk Blog which takes an interest in the assorted collection of nutters who spend their time creaming themselves over the thought that UKIP have done something wrong.

It's very remiss of me being so late to the party on this one [that damned 'work' nonsense keeps getting in the way!] particularly as apparently I write the thing. Gosh, well done me!

The latest post raises a couple of interesting questions also flagged up by The Common Man regarding none other than our esteemed Speaker, Mr Bercow:

The Common Man has been out on the campaign trail once again, and saw a very interesting meeting yesterday in Buckingham. While sipping a G&T in the White Hart, who should appear - miles from where they should have any business - but Nikki Sinclaire and Gary Cartwright, the liberal nazis. Surprising as that was, it was even more of a surprise to see incumbent and soon to be unemployed speaker of the Commons John Bercow enter with his campaign team shortly afterwards.

In a day of surprises, and just to top it all, they then all greeted each other cordially before the two elected members left together, with their entourages, out of the back door.

It's generally quite hard to miss Nikki Sinclaire although lofty John Bercow could skate under the radar. Perhaps this is the UKIPper the Guardian was talking about, handing out Lib Dem former Tory MEP John Steven's leaflets?

It's odd that someone elected on a UKIP ticket who decides that she doesn't want to sit in the EDF group where there is an obligation to pool allowances to fight continent wide campaigns is all of a sudden appearing to support pro-EU candidates.

A little bird did tell me that in one of her many conversations - honestly, the beauty of the prose and the well meaning statements can easily lead you to confuse the woman with Katherine Hepburn or similar - she told former UKIP leader Farage that she would ruin him. Makes a change from threatening to sue people, I suppose.

Maybe this is all part of the plan? She's throwing EU withdrawalism to the wall and climbing firmly into the Pro EU camp. Or perhaps it's that more traditional political trait of mud slinging? My enemy's enemy and all that...

Still, it does point to Bercow being concerned about holding his seat, which is a positive thought.


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