Thursday, April 22, 2010

In, Out, shake it all about

This leaders' debate is really much better when you watch it with the sound off. And read text on a different web page.

Last week I was involved. I listened to all of it, hurling insults at the screen and seriously reducing my life expectancy by dramatic raising of blood pressure. And for what? The Three Musketeers couldn't hear me and even if they could they would have responded the way they do to the rest of the population by simply ignoring me.

But tonight they managed to spend about three minutes having a quick discussion about the place where most of our rules are made: Brussels.

Beforehand we have been treated to some round ups by various news outlets including some pushing the line that Clegg, gang-banger of the EU social model, wanted to have a referendum on in or out.

I'd like to think that my darling readers, as well as being aware of my natural attributes, are also smart cookies who wouldn't trust a Lib Dem as far as they could throw one. But it's often best with these rather important topics to hammer the point home, as it were.

The Lib Dems were the party who denied the country the right to have an In-Out referendum on our continued membership of the European Union.

They denied us the right to have a referendum on Lisbon.

Shall I remind you?

Hold 3 line whip to abstain; ignore snide comments that 'only the Lib Dems would have a three line whip on not doing anything from prominent opponents of the EU.

Do complete u-turn. Ignore comments that you should be supporting the amendment in the House of Lords calling for a referendum on membership since you have been calling for it, including on high profile morning radio programmes.
9. Vote against the referendum you desired to avoid a referendum on what you promised. Send out anonymous spokesman to talk about why you want a biased referendum on an issue you think you have the better chance of winning even though the amendments requesting a referendum by you and another party were identical.

Look; I know you don't trust the bastards. Just make sure you tell your friends as I bet they aren't half so intelligent as you



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