Saturday, August 09, 2008

NICE: Socialism in action?

I've just been listening to Any Questions where the topic of whether people should be able to pay for extra drugs came up. A question to a caller in 'Any Answers' for me summarised socialism for me in a nut shell.

Dimbleby asked the caller if it was okay for people to get NHS treatment and then pay for more drugs which weren't available on our shitty health service on top of that, because then richer people get better treatment. (I paraphrase)

That's just the success hating left all over: bringing everyone down to their lowest common denominator. For them, there is no distinction between someone who works hard, saved money by not going on foreign holidays or not buying revolting jewellery and going down the bingo and those that chose not to put themselves out but rely on the state (i.e everyone who could be bothered to work) to look after them.

There is this hatred of anyone who is brighter, more determined and more successful as they will show up the state-funded flock of idle layabouts and prove what a catastrophe socialism really is.

Quite frankly, I don't even see there is a question to raise. If you want an NHS the accept that it won't provide a world class health service. If you need drugs that the NHS can't provide then pay extra on top of your NHS treatment. If you are so fundamentally selfish that you think someone should not be able to make a decision which, when it comes down to it, is one of consumerism, then fuck off, you selfish bastards. And I'll have your NHS treatment whilst you're at it because someone as morally bankrupt as you doesn't deserve it.

Now there's the door, bugger off.

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DC said...

Good post. At the end of the day the NHS model has failed to keep up with the reality and cost of modern day medical development. There are many aspects of modern day medical care that cannot and probably should not be met through taxation