Thursday, August 07, 2008

The new Ministry for Food

As someone who didn't vote for Boris Johnson and thinks the countryside far superior to the town any day of the week I'm not too bothered about what Boris Johnson does. The fact that he won't scrap the congestion charge or the low emission zone which has cleverly managed to make all the big lorries drive through suburbs where lots of people live and have children and go to school shows that he is just papering over the cracks of London's problems.

But when I heard he'd employed this Rosie woman to boss us around over food I thought, 'hold on Johnson, you chubby haystack-haired buffoon, I think it's around here that should should get off!'

Obo the Clown has put it much better than me, however:

Rosie, where the fucking fucking fuck do you think the councils are going to get more land from? Carve it from their cocks?
I'm sure that there are some council workers out there with large vegetables who may be able to help in this situation but probably not many. And would they want another vegetable on their vegetable?

I've no problem with ASBO kids doing chores generally and maybe doing a spot of gardening would be a good idea, provided there was actually some obligation on the brats turning up. They could also clean graffiti, pick litter, buy each other sensible clothes and have elocution lessons. I've no issue with that.

But like Obo, what I do have an issue with is another one of these tax payer funded non jobs designed to turn us into well behaved voters who will do what we are told by our 'betters'.

There was never going to be any real difference between Ken and Boris, just as there's no real difference between Labour and the Tories.

'Strength through Unity, Unity through Faith'

And don't you forget it.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Things have moved on, the slogan nowadays is "Unity in diversity", which is only one letter away from "Unity is diversity" etc.

Word verification: tuyky, which is only a letter away from Turky, in turn only one away from Turkey.