Friday, August 15, 2008

MISSING: British Foreign Policy

Mr Sarkozy, who negotiated the deal on behalf of the European Union earlier this week, urged both sides "to consolidate the cessation of hostilities and accelerate the withdrawal of Russian forces to their positions prior to 7 August".

Lisbon has not been ratified but we knew our great Leaders would find a way around it and they are using suffering of Georgian civilians to further their own aims of a single EU foreign policy and EU battle groups.

If I were to use the conflict to my advantage I would hope that the ceasefire didn't work because then the impotence of the EU and, indeed, any supranational organisation, is highlighted. NATO is the most successful in my point of view, but in reality that worked because the US and the UK wanted it to work and had the money, manpower and equipment to do so.

The EU are very good at making legislation which slows down economies, provides jobs for numpties who think that windscreen wiper blades actually do need to be regulated, and having ideas above their station.

Things happen because states want them to. The Constitution in it's fancy dress outfit of the Lisbon Treaty which I would just like to point out hasn't failed regardless of how the peoples of the EU actually vote, will be pushed through and will come into force. This is because the political elite want it to. When the French and Dutch voted no in 2005, the pace of legislation in the EU sped up. The Irish voted no, and so the EU are ignoring it and trying to implement one of the most terrifying aspects of it, that of the UK not having her own foreign policy.

Now, admittedly in recent years we've rather clung on to the US but the primary role of the state, in my opinion, is to protect its people from attack and the Labour government are doing everything they can to weaken us. And having the Foreign Secretary sunning himself in some passe holiday resort whilst a Frenchman speaks on our behalf on the world stage (and can I just remind the French that if it wasn't for us and the yanks they'd be speaking German) is not looking after us.

EU battlegroups aren't going to be made from piles of soldiers hanging around Aldershot and the such who previously were sitting around with their thumbs up their arse; they will be the battlegroups previously assigned to NATO. NATO, which actually does some good.

In much the same way, Britain won't suddenly be increasing the size of her armed forces because some Johnny Foreigner says so. Retention is a problem we've been having for some years, and the possibility of fighting some war because the EU want us to when people are leaving because they don't really want to do another war in Iraq when they don't think we should be there is not going to solve it. It might even make it worse.

Getting 27 countries to agree to go to war will not happen, so Foreign Policy decisions can't be decided by unanimity.

I'll leave you to ponder what that means, whilst I point and laugh at the UN for not being able to do anything about Georgia because Russia has a veto on the Security Council....


Mark Wadsworth said...

I dunno why we need a foreign policy for things as far away and as out-of-our-control as this. Look how we've struggled with N Ireland, Iraq etc.

Trixy said...

It's that attitude which lets the EU project move ahead. Shame on you; be alert at all times.