Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cuban Missile Crisis part deux?

Apologies for the miserable postings the last few days. Have been told off by various people who have also decided to entertain me, usually via large amounts of alcohol and picnics in Belgrave Square.

Attention by people who have never met me before, such as a couple who live in Witney of which one half used to work for that 'charmer' Ashley Mote, are still insistent on attacking me. Why? Seriously? If you've got a problem, come meet me and say it to my face. You'd be brave, I'm not the smallest, weakest person in the world but there is a sympathetic streak in me, after all. And surely it's more conducive than writing bollocks on some forum. Unless it's all unsubstantiated and you're just bitter? Menopause onset, perhaps?

Tried to explain the situation in Georgia to a couple of people. Yes, I've come down in favour of Georgia generally speaking, but, as I explained to my Ruskie friends, I do note that the EU and the US have been exacerbating the issue over the past few years. Claiming that the Ukraine is part of Europe, for example, and the expansion east of the EU is rather like western leaders taking a big stick and poking the once powerful Russia. I'd be pissed off at the empire building in my back yard because that's what the EU is doing.
As my darling David says,

Russia remains unreconciled to the new map of Europe.

Why the fuck should they?

Shoving missiles in Poland is similarly like the Cuban Missile Crisis. I suspect if some regime I didn't like, the Lib Dems for example, but some huge lentil eating factory in my neighbour's garden, ready to turn my hanging baskets into a suitable venue for a vegan orgy, I wouldn't like it to much and would pretty quickly turn the BBQ on and invite my carnivorous friends round for a rare steak or two.

Not that what the EU thinks is of any relevance, of course, because Germany and France want different things. It's the Common Foreign and Security Policy (France) vs the Common Energy Policy (Germany). What people must realise is that it's states who make the decision. We cannot let our government get away with some tiny froggie speaking for us on the world stage, and we cannot let some haystack haired kraut tell us that we should be dependent on the Ruskies for our energy. Lord, even my Russian friends think we're mad to do so, including the ones who are rather wealthy from oil and gas.

But it's a question of tearing the nation away from Big Brother and whatever other shit they are watching and informing them that moaning about something and then voting for the buggers who did it isn't going to change anything.


Mac the Knife said...

"Russia remains unreconciled to the new map of Europe."

That makes Russia + me. This silly euro-posturing has almost unlimited potential to end in tears.

Glad you're a happier bunny.

Aardvark said...

From Democracy Forum:

As chik said, I actually started a thread to encourage Bellatrix to reply and deal with any inaccuracies head on. I don't think that could be considered an attack.

I am not a couple, but live alone in Carterton near Witney. I am a widower. My girlfirend lives over 50 miles away. I provided services to Ashley Mote, amongst others, and did not work for him; I was a self-employed service provider and worked part-time for the NHS as a non-executive director for tax and NI purposes (that's what I have told the taxman and that is what my contracts for provision of services prove). If I were Bellatrix I'd check my sources before I started spouting rubbish.

Bellatrix if you are reading this, I would love to meet you, as I've made clear before on this forum. I'm back in the UK in October. PM me and we can do dinner.

PS I'm told there's an excellent pub in South Marston not far from the M4.

Trixy said...

I don't the forum, I am just advised of what is on there from friends monitoring what you guys decide to say from one day to the next. I am, however, well aware of your domestic arrangements.

You want to meet, go for it. London's a big place with lots of pubs and clubs. I'm the one with the nice shoes.

With regards to your comments about a pub near the M4, I wouldn't know. Maybe that's some spiteful attack, maybe you're part of CAMRA and trying to be helpful. Given your PMT comments, I would doubt the latter.